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The Quatro Plex is the answer when you don't want to haul a pedalboard, but also don't feel man enough to plug straight in! It's also a great space saver when pedalboard real estate is tight.  You'll have all the tools needed to get you through the night with our flagship clean boost, a nice edgy overdrive and a voltage controlled fuzz for over the top sustain.  Polish it all out with reverb and you're ready to go.  As with all of our pedals, the Quatro Plex is 100% hand wired with the highest quality components we can find. Each effect is independently wired so you're actually getting four of our effects in one package!


  • Totally hand built/wired

  • Switch Craft jacks

  • Alpha full size potentiometers

  • Back-lit Blue LED

  • Uses standard negative tip 9V DC supply (not included) drawing 85mA

  • 2 year warranty

  • Not True Bypass - We tried true bypass and we didn't like it

  • Dimensions 7.38"x4.70"x1.30"

 * Sold exclusively through website

Quatro Plex

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