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Designed and built for legendary Tele Master Redd Volkaert.

A great reverb is hard to find. The Reddverb is more than just another generic digital reverb pedal. Anyone familiar with Redd's playing knows his tone is fat and tight. The attack is there on every note, single notes as well as complex chords always cut right through with complete definition.

We replaced the traditional ON/OFF footswitch with a large Mix knob. Redd feels like controlling the reverbs mix "on the fly" is much more important than turning the pedal on or off.


"Why would you ever turn the reverb off? I either want more or less, but never none!"
- Redd Volkaert

Bypassing the unit can be done with a small toggle switch if desired. Once you hear this pedal in your signal chain, you'll never use the bypass switch again.

Reverb pedals traditionally suck your level. The Reddverb has no signal loss at unity gain, with an option of 250% boost. This will keep the signal clean up to 100% and get some dirt on it the final 150%.

The controls all set at 12:00 will get you Redd's reverb setting. 

Controls on the Reddverb are : Mix (blending dry and wet signal) Gain (increasing input signal from 0-250%) Dwell (increasing the intensity of reverb being mixed)

With these controls you can achieve subtle spring reverb effects up to atmospheric space tones.

Reddverb Manuel



  • Totally hand built/wired

  • Switchcraft jacks

  • Alpha potentiometers

  • Uses standard negative tip 9V DC supply (not included) drawing 55mA

  • 1 year warranty

  • Dimensions 2 1/4" x 4 1/4"

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