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All Durham Electronics products are covered by a 2 year warranty to the original owner. Any negligent use of pedal will void the warranty.  Use of incorrect power supply will void warranty.  Protection diodes are used to try and protect the pedals circuit, but sometimes fail to do so.  In the case of incorrect power being used the diode will indicate such.  We understand that many pedals use different power supplies and accidents do happen.  Send your Durham Electronics pedal back to us and we will get it back on stage for a minimum charge. Attempts at removing Epoxy from pedals circuitboard will also void the warranty.  Send the pedal back to us and we will repair it properly and cheaper than another tech attempting to do so.  Most non warranty repairs are $40.00 with us covering shipping back to you in the Continental USA. International repairs are usually $75.00 with us covering shipping back to you.

* Unfortunately old style "Large Box" Pedals are no longer supported for repair. Circuit boards are not available for these products.

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